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Dentures and Their Effect on Your Taste

If you wear dentures or are thinking about getting them, you might be wondering if they can change the way you taste your food. This is a very common doubt. Here we’ll talk about how dentures in Pompano Beach can affect your sense of taste and share some practical tips to make your food taste better when you’re wearing dentures. 

Complete and partial Dentures in Pompano Beach

How Dentures Affect Taste 

Full Upper Dentures 

One of the most noticeable effects on taste is associated with full upper dentures. These dentures cover the roof of your mouth, where taste buds are also located. Initially, you may experience a reduction in taste perception due to the palate being covered. However, with time and adaptation, your brain can adjust, and your sense of taste may return to normal. 

Denture Fit 

Poorly fitting dentures can compromise your taste experience. Overuse of denture creams and adhesives, often necessary with ill-fitting dentures, may result in a lingering metallic taste. Ensuring your dentures fit well is crucial to minimizing this issue. 

Food Deposits and Stains 

Over time, tiny bits of food and stains can stick to your dentures. This happens because when you eat, some food particles can get trapped in the small spaces of your dentures. These particles and stains may affect how they feel and, in turn, influence how food tastes in your mouth. 

Improving Taste Sensation While Wearing Dentures 

  1. Maintain Dental Hygiene: Proper denture care and hygiene are essential. Regularly clean your dentures to prevent the buildup of stains and food deposits that may interfere with your taste sensation. 
  2. Ensure Proper Denture Fit: If you find yourself relying heavily on denture adhesive, it may be time for a denture reline to improve the fit and reduce the need for excessive adhesive use. 
  3. Consult a Dental Prosthetist: If you’re experiencing persistent taste issues with your dentures, it’s advisable to consult a dental prosthetist. They can conduct a thorough examination to identify the factors contributing to taste loss and recommend effective solutions and treatments to restore your sense of taste. 

dentist working on partial Dentures in Pompano Beach

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