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Foods to Stay Away From if You Wear Dentures

While dentures are known to be one of the most reliable dental devices, they can still get damaged if you don’t take care of them properly. If you’ve recently gotten dentures in Pompano Beach, you might be wondering what foods you can and can’t eat while wearing them. Although you can eat most meals with your dentures, there are a few foods you should avoid if you want them to survive as long as possible.

To help you maintain your dentures and keep them from getting damaged, here are some foods that you can avoid.

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Foods to Avoid if You Wear Dentures

Hard Seeds and Nuts

Nuts and seeds may have numerous health benefits, but this diet may damage your newly installed restorative device if you have recently received dentures. While dentures can withstand the pressure of chewing certain nuts and seeds, you’ll still need to chew hard items on both sides of your mouth. Avoiding this type of food can keep your dentures from slipping out or popping off during the first few months.  


This food should be avoided if you have dentures because the fiber present in this food can be lodged in your dentures and cause irritation. Most dentures have a gap where they attach to your mouth or teeth where food commonly gets trapped. 

Steak or Hard Meats

Steak and other hard to chew meat can harm your teeth and dentures if you don’t cook them properly. Chewing beef with a texture rivalling a rubber band can cause gum irritation and severe strain on your false teeth. In some instances, your dentures may even get entirely dislodged from your mouth if you exert enough effort.  

Sticky Foods and Candies

If you enjoy sticky candy like caramel, toffee, and licorice, you should avoid them if you want your dentures to last as long as possible. Gummy candy can get trapped on your dentures and is far more difficult to remove than it is on natural teeth. To clean your dentures and remove sticky sugar, you may need to remove them altogether.  

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It’s natural to have questions regarding dentures if you’ve never had them before or consider getting them. Here at Park Plaza Dental, we’ll ensure that your dentures stay clean and secure for years to come. To learn more, please make an appointment with us today!

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