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Why Taking Your Dentures Off Before Bed is Important

People with dentures in Pompano Beach understand the significant role their new teeth play in their daily lives. Besides allowing them to eat well and speak clearly, dentures give them confident smiles. Consequently, it’s best to establish a proper denture care routine. One of its essential aspects is removing dentures before bedtime. 

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The Benefits of Removing Dentures Before Bedtime 

Preventing Gum Irritation 

Wearing dentures throughout the day can exert constant pressure and friction on your gums. This leads to gum irritation, soreness, and discomfort. Alternatively, removing your artificial teeth at night gives your gums a chance to breathe and recover.  

Allowing your gums to rest can also alleviate irritation caused by the dentures and reduce sore spots and the potential for developing ulcers. Furthermore, it promotes overall gum health and ensures better comfort when wearing dentures during the day.  

Decreasing the Risk of Infections 

Leaving dentures in your mouth overnight creates a warm and moist environment conducive to bacterial and fungal growth. This buildup can lead to gum disease or oral thrush 

Removing your dentures before bed allows you to clean them thoroughly and eliminate food particles, plaque, or bacteria that may have accumulated during the day. Moreover, regular cleaning and proper denture maintenance promote better oral health by reducing the risk of developing these infections. 

Supporting Optimal Bone Health 

The jawbone needs regular stimulation to maintain its strength and density. When you wear dentures, the natural forces exerted by chewing and biting are transferred to the dentures rather than the jawbone.  

Removing your dentures at night allows your jawbone to experience a rest period and receive the necessary stimulation from natural chewing forces. This stimulation promotes excellent bone health, preventing bone loss and maintaining the jawbone’s structure over time. 

Allowing your jawbone to bear the natural loads contributes to long-term oral health and helps preserve jawbone integrity.    

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