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What Advantages Do Root Canals Offer?

Nothing is worse than having a nightlong, excruciating toothache. If you’re suffering from a broken tooth, abscess, or severe tooth decay, a root canal in Pompano Beach might be the solution you need. If you want to learn more about this procedure, we’ve listed the advantages of root canal therapy to help you decide.    

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Benefits of Root Canal Procedure

It Preserves Your Teeth

Rather than getting a painful tooth extraction, a root canal procedure offers a better solution than removing a tooth. Your other teeth won’t move out of their positions since root canal therapy keeps your natural tooth in place. The procedure involves removing the pulp of your and leaving your tooth intact. 

It Restores the Function of Your Tooth

During a root canal, the affected tooth is cleaned and sterilized by the dentist, who then fills the cavity with gutta-percha, a polymer material. They could also use dental crowns to restore the tooth’s appearance and functionality.  

It Guards Neighboring Teeth  

Bacteria can accumulate inside the pulp chamber, which houses the tooth’s connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels, causing a pulp infection. If the condition is not treated, the diseased pulp will continue to house germs until neighboring teeth become infected. Root canal therapy stops harmful bacteria from entering other healthy teeth since it treats the problem by getting rid of the infection.  

Other Benefits of Root Canal Procedure 

  • Prevents tooth complications
  • Cures toothache  
  • Preserves your jawbone 
  • Painless oral surgery 
  • Fast and efficient 

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Consider Getting a Root Canal in Pompano Beach

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