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Ways to Tell If You Need a Root Canal 

If not everyone, most people may already be familiar with the process of teeth whitening because it’s a standard dental procedure. On the other hand, you might have heard about a root canal in Pompano Beach, but do you know why you might need one? 

There’s nothing wrong with knowing a thing or two regarding dental procedures. You’ll never know how much it’ll help if you know some symptoms and signs when you need to see a periodontist. To help you start, we prepared some pointers for you. 

dentist showing the patient her X-ray result for a root canal therapy in Pompano Beach

Signs that You Need a Root Canal 

Persistent Toothache 

More often, people think that having a toothache is normal. However, if your toothache persists even after taking care of your teeth, then you should be alarmed. 

While not always the case, a persistent toothache is a common sign that tells you that you need a root canal. Your tooth might be telling you that there’s something wrong with its pulp, and brushing alone can’t do the work. Issues in the root of your tooth need deep and severe dental treatment. 

Sensitivity to Heat and Cold 

Do you feel a tingling sensation in your teeth when you eat or drink hot food? You might be in for a not-so-great surprise. 

Tooth sensitivity is another common sign that there’s something wrong with your tooth pulp. You can’t just relax and look at it as a normal reaction of your tooth to anything cold or hot. Seeing your dentist will help you figure things out.  

woman preparing for a root canal in Pompano Beach

Do You Need a Root Canal in Pompano Beach? 

If you feel any of these symptoms, you should visit Park Plaza Dental. We have a team of dedicated and skilled dental professionals. Your questions about your dental health issues are valued, and we aim to give you the most comprehensive dental treatment. Should you want to learn more about our dental processes or wish to schedule an appointment, please leave a message

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