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Why It’s Okay to Get a Root Canal

Root Canal in Pompano Beach may seem frightening but it’s not that bad. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best treatments known to man. Root canal therapy not only preserves your oral health but the treatment itself is actually a lifesaver as it stops the spread of a potentially fatal infection. To understand it better, a root canal is actually a part of your tooth. It’s a chamber that houses nerves, blood vessels, and tissues.

Unfortunately, a break or a chip in your tooth or severe tooth decay can instigate an infection within the root canal and the best way to stop it from getting worse is to undergo a root canal treatment. Here are 2 reasons why it’s completely okay to get a root canal treatment and why you shouldn’t be scared of it.

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Why Root Canal Therapy is a Good Idea

Prevents the Spread of Infection

Root Canal in Pompano Beach is a treatment done to ultimately stop the spread of infection. The infection is caused by the buildup of bacteria. An infected tooth will cause you pain. What root canal therapy does is it removes all traces of bacteria to stop the infection from spreading.

As soon as all the bacteria are removed, and the root canal is disinfected tooth pain will stop. So you see, root canal therapy is actually a good thing. It’s not the reason or your pain. On the contrary, it relieves tooth pain.

Will Save Your Teeth

The goal of every dentist is to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. This is why most dentists prefer a Root Canal in Pompano Beach rather than perform a tooth extraction.

If they can see that your tooth can still be saved, they will advise you to undergo root canal treatment. A root canal will save your tooth and restore it back to its normal function. Not only does root canal therapy salvage your tooth it will also preserve your jawbone from deteriorating.

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