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Root Canal Myths You Should Never Believe In

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of rumors about a root canal in Pompano Beach. This is the reason why root canal therapy has gotten a bad rap, and people who are advised to go through it back out. So, are the rumors true? 

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Myths of Root Canal Therapy Debunked

Myth #1: Root Canal Therapy is Extremely Painful

The thought of pain can be scary. Sadly, root canal therapy has been tainted as a painful procedure. This is completely untrue. Pain is not caused by the treatment itself but rather the infected pulp.


When you undergo a root canal, the pain will be relieved because your endodontist will remove the decayed and infected pulp. Once the infection has been dealt with, you will be pain-free. The procedure also involves the administration of anesthesia to keep you relaxed and comfortable.  

Myth #2: A Root Canal Will Kill Your Tooth

One of the most infamous myths about a root canal is that the procedure will kill your tooth. Root canals are not performed to kill your tooth but rather to save it. Once the tooth chamber has been disinfected, gutta-percha filling is placed to seal your tooth and protect it against bacteria and possible re-infection. 

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Do You Have More Questions About a Root Canal in Pompano Beach?

If your dentist recommended root canal therapy, don’t be scared. Ask as many questions as you want so you’ll have peace of mind knowing what the procedure is all about. At Park Plaza Dental, your smile and oral health are our top priorities.


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