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Long-Term Effects After a Root Canal Procedure

Living with constant pain in your mouth is not an experience anyone should go through. Luckily, with the advancement of dentistry, there are now plenty of dental procedures that can help reduce or remove oral pain altogether. A root canal in Pompano Beach is one of these solutions that will not only stop the pain but can also repair and save a tooth that is decayed or infected.

Despite being a relatively safe operation, some underlying risks are involved when going through this procedure. If you’ve just had your root canal and want to know if there are any long-term effects after the process, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some possible long-term effects of the root canal procedure.

Dentist showing teeth model before Root Canal Pompano Beach

Possible Long-Term Effects of Root Canal

Tooth Fracture

One of the most common long-term effects of root canal procedures is tooth cracks or fractures of the treated tooth. The reason teeth can fracture after a root canal procedure is that the process involves removing the pulp and other infected parts of your teeth.

Change in Tooth Color

With no pulp or nerves intact, a root canal-treated tooth can change color over the years. While the treated tooth is filled with dental filling to prevent it from cracking, there’s no guarantee that the filling will not change its color inside the tooth. The color change might not affect the quality of your teeth; however, having a tooth a shade darker than the rest could affect your overall appearance.

Leakage of the Infection

While a root canal procedure can prevent further damage to your tooth, there’s still a chance that part of the infection will remain inside the tooth. This bacterium can start surviving on the dead tissues of your tooth and could develop into an infection.

Procedure of Root Canal Pompano Beach

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