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Common Problems Dental Implants Face

Although dental implants in Pompano Beach are a fantastic way to replace missing or damaged teeth, there’s a very small chance that they could malfunction and create issues. Even if these issues don’t arise frequently, you still need to be ready in case it does. Knowing the typical issues with dental implants is crucial in light of this. This article will describe typical dental implant issues and ways to prevent and resolve them. 

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Dental Implant Issues and Treatment Options

Gum Disease

Your general oral health could experience several issues if your dentist fails to install your dental implants properly. Gum infection is one typical issue that you can experience in this circumstance. This occurs when dental implants are faulty, loose, or put in correctly.

If this occurs, the infected implant must be removed and replaced. Following the termination of the implant, you will need a few weeks to unwind and allow the wound to mend. 

Loose or Incorrect Implant Positioning

Dentists are professionals in their work, yet mistakes can still happen. Dental implants frequently become loose or are positioned wrongly in the mouth, which is one of its problems. When this occurs, the implant may not correctly integrate with the bone and become loose or uncomfortable in the other tooth portions. 

Selecting a reputable and competent doctor to perform your dental procedure is one approach to avoid this. If you already have this issue, you should see a dentist if eating or speaking causes difficulty.  

Failure of Osseointegration

Failure of osseointegration is another term frequently used to describe the absence of bone growth around the implant. This occurs when your mouth doesn’t renew more quickly or doesn’t produce any new bones. When this happens, call your dentist.

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