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Dental Implant Failure: Should I Be Worried?

While dental implants in 33062 are a great solution to replacing missing teeth, these dental devices can sometimes fail if not taken care of or installed properly. Don’t be alarmed if your implants fail because your dentist can fix them. Even though the chances of failing are slim, knowing what can cause it is essential.

Luckily, some of the causes of implant failure can be prevented with early detection and proper oral hygiene. If you want to learn more about dental implants, here are some important things to know.

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Reasons Why Your Dental Implants Could Fail

Misaligned Installation

Failing to install the implant properly could cause problems for your oral health. The moment your implants are attached, there’s a slight chance that the implant and bone may become misaligned. When this happens, your gums could recede and reveal the implant around the gums exposing them to food and bacteria.

Gum Infection

Dental implants may not always fail as a result of gum disease. However, in some difficult situations, these dental devices may malfunction. Your implant’s base could gradually loose skin and bone around it, exposing the titanium screws and leading to their dysfunction. To prevent this, you must address the gum disease.

Incorrect or Inaccurate Impressions

One of the common reasons why your implants could fail is inaccurate or badly taken dental impressions. Since impressions are used to measure and create your false tooth, a mismatched impression can cause your dental implants to fail and the surrounding teeth.

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Do You Have Any Questions About Dental Implants in 33062?

You shouldn’t be worried about getting dental implants, because our team at Park Plaza Dental has the experience and training required for a successful placement. Schedule a consultation with our dentist today to learn more!

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