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Am I a Candidate for Root Canal?

Are you aware that more than fifteen million root canals are performed in America every year? Despite these numbers, many people are still scared to undergo a root canal in Pompano Beach. Root canal has notoriously gotten a bad rap with people saying it’s a painful procedure.  

On the contrary, this treatment is done to relieve you of pain that stems from dental pulp infection. Without a root canal, the infection can spread to nearby tissues and can even travel to your bloodstream and become life-threatening.  

Root Canal Pompano Beach

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Why Would You Need Root Canal Therapy?

Individuals who have developed an infection in their dental pulp are encouraged to get a root canal. The infection can stem from a variety of sources including extensive tooth decay, a chip or a crack in your tooth, a weakened tooth as a result of multiple dental procedures, or a defective or damaged crown.  

If the infection isn’t treated right away it can lead to more pain and the infection will get worse. Sadly, the infection and the inflammation do not resolve on their own and it will even cause you more problems down the road.  

How to Know if I Need Root Canal Treatment?

Some patients do not exhibit any symptoms at all but most of them complain of prolonged tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, sensitivity to touch or chewing, tooth pain, swelling around the infected tooth, tooth discoloration, gum problems, bone problems, and tenderness of nearby lymph glands.  

Root Canal Pompano Beach

Are You a Candidate for Root Canal in Pompano Beach?

Are you experiencing pain in your tooth? Did you notice discoloration or swelling around your tooth? If you answered yes, then you may need a root canal. However, the best way to know if you are indeed a candidate for the procedure is to see your dentist and book a consultation.  

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