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Why Does My Breath Smell?

Whether it’s your morning breath or generally your everyday breath, having bad breath is something that you need to fix right away. Luckily, bad breath can easily be fixed and prevented with the help of your dentist in 33062. But before you can treat your bad breath, it’s essential to know where or why it occurs.   

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Reasons Why Your Breath Smells Bad

Tooth Decay

One of the leading causes of bad breath is tooth decay. The bacteria present in your damaged teeth can produce a bad odor that can remain in your mouth. In addition to a bad smell, cavities can also cause permanent damage to your teeth if left untreated. Having your dentist assess your tooth and treat it with a dental filling can prevent it from spreading and cure your bad breath.  

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease happens when you don’t brush or floss your teeth daily. Over time, a deposit of plaque-causing bacteria can form on your gums or in between your teeth which can cause bad breath and other oral health problems. Ignoring the plaque build-up can result in tartar, which is harder to remove and can cause more damage to your teeth and gums.   


One common reason for bad breath is smoking. When you smoke, some of the smoke particles get stuck in your mouth, which causes bacteria to form in your cheeks and gums. Smoking also causes your mouth to dry up, which gives more room for bacteria and other germs to grow in your mouth.   

Smelly Foods

A simple reason your breath smells unappealing might be because of the type of food you eat. Smelly foods such as onions, garlic, and brussels sprouts can cause your breath to stink if you don’t brush and floss right away to get rid of the smell. To avoid having bad breath because of smelly foods, you’ll need to brush your teeth thoroughly and gargle with odor eliminating mouthwash.  

man has bad breath needs to see his Dentist in 33062

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