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Why Do Braces Hurt?

Are you a bit uneasy about going to the orthodontics to get your braces tightened? Unfortunately, discomfort is all part of the process. No pain, no gain, right? Thankfully, when you get braces in Pompano Beach, you will have a kind and generous staff to help in any way they can!

Before your braces are installed, your orthodontist will brief you on what to expect during your orthodontic treatment. Thankfully, and most will agree, the discomfort is only temporary. Furthermore, you can get rid of the soreness! Whether you’re about to get braces or you already had them installed, you always have options for making your experience an enjoyable one.

Where can i get Braces Pompano Beach?

Understanding Braces?

Do Braces Hurt When Installed?

It’s common for you to experience tenderness during your first few days with braces or after an adjustment. The aches are a result of the tension and pressure placed on your teeth to move them into proper alignment.

Sometimes, it may also be caused by the wire and brackets rubbing against the inside linings of your cheeks. Fortunately, your body is designed to be resilient, which means it can easily adjust to changes. Over time, your mouth typically adapts to the process and the pressure should subside.

How Do You Deal with Braces Pain?

Can you get rid of the soreness that comes with braces? While discomfort is part of the package, there are several effective ways that can help relieve the tenderness.

Orthodontic wax, found at most drugstores, can be placed over your braces to prevent irritation when rubbed against your cheeks. Taking over-the-counter pain relievers may also help relieve some of the internal aches. Medications like ibuprofen and NSAID are commonly used to treat soreness.

Where can i get Braces Pompano Beach?

Do You Need Braces in Pompano Beach?

Do you or someone you know need braces? If you’re afraid of the pressure caused by braces, we want to discuss it with you! We will reassure you that the result is well worth the process.

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