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What To Expect With Invisalign

How do you feel about your smile? People who have perfectly aligned teeth typically tend to feel more confident than those who have crooked teeth. Furthermore, surveys show that more than half of the American population feel embarrassed about their smile which, in turn, caused them to feel awkward and uncomfortable during social gatherings. For years, we have seen people walk around with the traditional metal braces to straighten their teeth. Thankfully, now we have another option! One of the most popular orthodontic devices is Invisalign in Pompano Beach.

Where can I get Invisalign Pompano Beach?

What Can You Expect With Invisalign?

The Benefits of Wearing Invisalign

Quite surprisingly, Invisalign in Pompano Beach is very comfortable to wear because it’s made of clear aligners. Unlike metal braces that rub against the insides of your cheeks, Invisalign just glides through because of their smooth texture. Patients wearing Invisalign rarely complain of injuries or sores.

The Treatment Process

The treatment process of Invisalign is pretty straightforward. It starts with a consultation. Then, a digital teeth model is obtained so that your orthodontist can design the aligners to accurately fit your teeth. Once the impressions are finalized, the aligners will be custom-made in the lab. You are required to go back every couple of months so your orthodontist can monitor your progress. Throughout your treatment, you will be given new sets of aligners to gradually move your teeth into place.

Where can I get Invisalign Pompano Beach?

Do You Need Invisalign in Pompano Beach?

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