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What Sedatives Are Used When You Get Implants?

Dental implants in 33062 require complex oral surgery. That’s why a patient needs to be sedated during the procedure to avoid pain and discomfort. The decision is based on the patient’s comfort level and preferences, as well as the number of implants that will be inserted. If you want to know what sedatives and anesthetics are used during this procedure, here are some commonly used ones. 

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Various Forms of Anesthesia and Sedatives

Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic is frequently employed when one or two dental implants are placed. The patient will be awake while administering a local anesthetic, which will numb the mouth area that needs to be treated. Because the procedure takes less time than when several implants are placed, this anesthetic is typically employed for modest implant surgery.

General Anesthesia

The strongest type is general anesthesia. It’s typically used when bone grafting is required before dental implants are placed. If the patient’s mouth lacks sufficient healthy bone to support the implants, bone grafting may be necessary throughout the dental implant process. The patient will be entirely unconscious under general anesthesia and won’t recall the surgery.

Conscious Sedation

Some oral surgeons also provide conscious sedation as a form of anesthesia. Conscious sedation can assist dental anxiety patients in unwinding during the procedure. This kind of sedation is typically given as nitrous oxide or a drug that makes you sleepy and takes away your stress and anxiety. Under conscious sedation, the patient is awake, although they are typically in a dream-like condition.

After Care

While sedation can make surgery comfortable for the patient, most individuals will feel discomfort during the healing process. Ibuprofen and other pain relievers are frequently sufficient to treat pain in the chin, cheekbones, or beneath the eyes. Additionally, patients should consume soft foods and apply an ice pack to help minimize edema.

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