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What Is the Point of Rubber Bands on Brackets?

Braces can bring about a period of adjustment, especially for kids and teenagers. Among the various components that might seem a bit unfamiliar, rubber bands, often referred to as elastics, play a role in the process of achieving straighter teeth. Let’s explore why your orthodontist in 33062 uses these rubber bands and what’s their contribution to the journey of orthodontic treatment 

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Rubber Bands and Braces 

What Do Rubber Bands Do for Braces? 

Rubber bands might look like simple loops, but they serve a vital purpose in orthodontic treatment. These small, stretchy bands: 

  • Connect to the brackets of your braces and can be positioned in various ways, often secured using tiny hooks on the brackets. 
  • Provide an extra force that helps shift your teeth into the desired positions, aiding in the process of achieving a straighter smile. 
  • Play a significant role in addressing specific issues with your bite, such as overbites (where your top teeth stick out more than they should) or underbites (where your bottom teeth protrude further). 
  • Assist in correcting open bites (where your top and bottom teeth don’t touch when you bite down) and crossbites (where your teeth don’t come together properly). 

By providing targeted pressure, rubber bands work in tandem with the braces to guide your teeth’s movement, resulting in improved aesthetics and bite functionality. 

Who Needs Rubber Bands? 

Not everyone with braces will need rubber bands. The decision depends on how your teeth respond to treatment and how your bite evolves. Sometimes, orthodontists might recommend using them even before braces are applied. In other cases, they might introduce them later as your teeth start to move. 

It’s worth mentioning that wearing rubber bands consistently is crucial. If your orthodontist suggests using them, make sure to follow their instructions diligently. Neglecting the use of rubber bands can slow down your progress and affect the effectiveness of your treatment. 

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