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What Is the Most Comfortable Denture? 

Most people who use dentures in Pompano Beach need to wear them most of the time to keep up with their daily activities. That’s why choosing the right dentures to feel comfortable with is important for your overall oral health. To learn more about them, here are some of the most comfortable dentures that you can try. 

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Types of Dentures

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures are one of the most comfortable dentures that provide a wealth of benefits. They are usually made from high-quality thermoplastics such as nylon and acrylic that are comfortable thanks to their soft material. Another benefit of flexible dentures is that they’re strongly adherent to your gums and require little to no denture adhesive. 

Acrylic Resin

Acrylic resin is one of the most in-demand materials for dentures today. This type of denture is comfortable because it fixes and fits perfectly into the desired space. One selling point of this type of material is its adjustability, which makes it more comfortable for the patient. 


Porcelain is a favorite among older people because of its comfort, strength, and durability. The ceramic material used for the denture also gives it a natural appearance.  

Metal Dentures

This type of denture is often made with a metal base and is matched with other materials such as resin or acrylic. Metal dentures have a comfortable fit because of their adaptable and customizable materials. Choosing this type of denture doesn’t require multiple appointments, which makes it less of a hassle to customize. 

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