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What Does It Feel Like Wearing Invisalign®?

While wearing Invisalign® in Pompano Beach could take some getting used to, not everyone shares the same experience. Each person responds differently to different orthodontic devices, and Invisalign® is no exception. In this article, we’ll look at what these aligners are, how they feel, and why many people are switching to this orthodontic device.

If you’re curious about what it feels like wearing Invisalign, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what to expect when you wear Invisalign aligners.

Patient puts on Invisalign® in Pompano Beach

Daily Life With Invisalign®

There Will Be Some Discomfort

One thing that most Invisalign users feel after using this aligner is slight discomfort when wearing them. This discomfort comes from the fact that the aligners are constantly applying controlled force to the teeth area. When the aligner becomes unbearably uncomfortable, its users can remove it at any time.

However, while this orthodontic device allows its users to remove the aligner whenever they want, they still should wear it at all times for maximum efficiency. The discomfort means it’s working!

A Tightening Feeling

Typically, this tightening feeling often occurs for the first few weeks of wearing the aligners. The sensation will eventually disappear once the person gets used to wearing them all the time. While this might be considered a discomfort for some people, the aligners are doing their job of strengthening your teeth.

Sore Gums and Teeth

Another feeling that you might encounter when using Invisalign is sore gums and teeth. This uncomfortable feeling often happens when your teeth are still adjusting to wearing the aligners. First time users will encounter this feeling more often compared to those who are already used to wearing this device.

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