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What Causes Crooked Teeth to Develop?

Even though you’ve practiced good dental hygiene your entire life, you might still have crooked teeth. If you’re wondering how or why this happens, orthodontists in 33062 might have the answer to your problem.

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The Causes of Misaligned Teeth

Finger or Thumb Sucking

It’s more likely that children who suck their thumbs will have crooked adult teeth. Studies show that those who do so for an extended period could get crooked teeth because the pressure from sucking prevents their developing teeth from erupting fully. If thumb sucking is not stopped at the right age, infants and toddlers may experience further issues with their oral health.  

Facial and Mouth Injuries

Your teeth’s structural integrity may be impacted by permanent wounds, injuries, and medical conditions, particularly those to the face and mouth. According to studies, people who experience a severe oral injury when they are younger often have crooked teeth or an improper bite. Early treatment of facial injuries helps avoid future tooth loss and misaligned teeth in younger patients.  

Overbites and Underbites

Overbites and underbites, as well as misaligned teeth, can cause crooked teeth if not treated during a patient’s early years. Other oral health problems such as gum disease can also contribute to crooked and misaligned teeth. The good news is that this kind of issue can be solved with your orthodontist’s assistance.  

Passed On by Genetics

Genetics is one straightforward explanation for why some people have crooked teeth. If your grandparents or parents have crooked teeth, this condition could be passed on to you.  

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