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What Are the Different Types of Crooked Teeth? 

If you have crooked teeth but are unsure of what type of crooked teeth you have, you can always have an orthodontist in 33062 take a look during a consultation.

To find out more about crooked teeth and why they come to be, here are the different types of crooked teeth to look out for.

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Types of Crooked Teeth


Overcrowding is one of the most common types of crooked teeth. This happens when the mouth and gums do not have enough room to house all the new teeth. When this occurs, the new and the old teeth bind and overlap each other, creating a crooked shape.

Luckily, this type of malocclusion can be corrected with the help of braces and possible extractions.


Overbite happens when the upper teeth extend out over and overlap the lower teeth. When this happens, the lower front teeth tend to press against the roof of the mouth, causing pain or discomfort. People who have this type may develop issues with speech and eating.


When the lower front teeth start to protrude outwards and rest in front of the upper front teeth, you have an underbite. Unlike the other types of crooked teeth, this type of problem needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Leaving it as it is can cause various dental problems in the future such as jaw pain, tooth decay, and cracked teeth.


A crossbite happens when the upper back teeth damage or pierce through the inner side of your lower teeth. It can happen on one or both sides of your teeth which can cause further damage to the front part of your jaw. This condition can cause pain, bleeding gums, and unwanted gum disease if left untreated.

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Do You Need to See an Orthodontist in 33062?

If you have damaged or crooked teeth, our orthodontist can help you manage and assess your oral health. Here at Park Plaza Dental, our dentists can provide you with the reliable and professional care that you need. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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