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What Can I Expect During Oral Sedation?

While modern dentistry is pain-free primarily, some individuals still feel anxious about going through this procedure. If you’re one of these people, don’t worry, sedation dentistry in Pompano Beach has come a long way. Whatever type of sedation you choose, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

If you’re scheduled to go through oral sedation, our team is here to help you learn everything there is to know about oral sedation. To help you ease your fears and anxiety, here’s what to expect during oral sedation.

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A Patient’s Guide to Oral Sedation


One of the effects of taking oral sedatives is to make you drowsy during the operation. Depending on the dosage of your oral sedative, you’ll most likely feel sleepy or tired during and after your oral procedure. The primary purpose of oral sedation is to help you relax during your operation and numb specific amounts of pain.

Slow Heart Rate and Breathing

While under this sedative, you’ll feel a constant decrease in your breathing and heart palpitations. Since oral sedation aims to help you relax, it’s normal to feel your nerves calming as your heart rate and breathing slow down. Fortunately, these symptoms will eventually fade away 20 to 30 minutes after your operation.

Feeling Groggy

One noticeable after-effect of being under oral sedation is feeling groggy after the operation. While not all patients go through this phase, some patients experience it nonetheless. It’s better to have someone you know to accompany you during your dental appointment to help you get back home.

Mild Amnesia

While this effect is highly uncommon, there are cases where the patient forgets what happens during the procedure. Patients who go through dental sedation should have someone they know close to assist them after their dental operation.

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Are You Interested in Sedation Dentistry in Pompano Beach?

If you can’t bring yourself to the clinic because of your anxiety, you may want to learn about sedation dentistry and what options you have. Here at Park Plaza Dental, we make sure you are comfortable and relaxed during your stay with us. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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