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What Can I Eat on The First Few Days After Getting Braces?

The first few days after your braces in Pompano Beach are placed are the hardest. Your mouth is still getting used to the rough brackets that rub against the insides of your cheeks, plus you’ll have to endure the pain caused by the pressure exerted on your teeth to make them move. 

Eating is going to be a struggle. But you can make eating a breeze if you strictly follow the instructions given to you by your orthodontist.  

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Eating During the First Week

What Can You Eat?

Your mouth will feel sensitive and sore during the first week. To help ease the discomfort, your orthodontist will advise you to follow a soft diet. Some of the foods you are allowed to eat include dairy products like yogurt, pudding, smoothies, and soft cheeses.   

You may also enjoy soft and creamy scrambled eggs, pancakes, muffins, soft tortillas, rice, oatmeal, pasta, soft-cooked meatballs, mashed potatoes, beans, vegetables, soft fruits, peanut butter, ice cream, soups, and milkshakes.  

How to Eat with Braces

Once your braces are on, you’ll need to make adjustments to your eating habits. Choose soft foods and avoid foods that require a lot of chewing effort. As much as possible, avoid sticky, crunchy, and hard foods. 

When eating, it helps to slice your food into bite-sized portions for easy chewing. Eat slowly. It also helps to eat using your back teeth.  

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Do You Need More Tips About Living with Braces in Pompano Beach?

The adjustment phase will be a breeze if you know what to expect and what to do. At Park Plaza Dental, we will not only fix your smile – we will also teach you how to quickly adjust to your new braces. We offer various dental treatments that target a wide range of dental problems. Give us a call to learn more about our services. 

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