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What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do for My Smile?

The purpose of having an oral care routine is to keep your teeth and gums healthy. And while it’s true that brushing and flossing will keep cavities at bay, let’s face it, oral hygiene practices can’t really change your teeth’s appearance. If you want to dramatically change the color and shape of your teeth or if you want to replace missing teeth with artificial teeth that look exactly like natural teeth the best person to consult with is a Cosmetic Dentist Pompano Beach. How can your cosmetic dentist help you achieve the smile of your dreams?

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Is It Possible to Change Your Smile?

Yellow Stained Teeth Can Be Whitened

If you are embarrassed about your yellow stained teeth there is hope for you. While it can be tempting to try whitening toothpaste and DIY teeth whitening kits you’ll risk spending money over nothing because these products aren’t guaranteed safe and effective. The best and safest way to whiten your teeth is to schedule an in-office teeth whitening treatment with your trusted Cosmetic Dentist. Of course, you will still need to brush and floss your teeth regularly and avoid food and drinks that can cause tooth discoloration.

Missing Teeth Can Be Replaced with Dental Implants

When you lose a tooth it’s only logical that you’d want it replaced ASAP but not just with an artificial tooth, you’d want it to blend naturally with your existing teeth. Not to worry because your Cosmetic Dentist can perform dental implant surgery on you as long as you pass the eligibility criteria. A dental implant is the closest thing you’ll get to a real tooth in terms of function and appearance.

who offers a cosmetic dentist pompano beach?

Make Your Dream Smile a Reality by Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist Pompano Beach

You don’t have to keep dreaming about a beautiful smile, make it happen today. At Park Plaza Dental we make sure you will feel comfortable and at ease while you’re in our clinic. Our team of dental health professionals is trained and skilled to perform both simple and complex procedures. We have been in the industry for years and our stellar track record will prove that we can cater to all of your dental health needs. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our services.

Are You Looking for Dental Care in Pompano Beach?

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