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Should You Go for Veneers or Dental Bonding?

Some people are blessed with naturally beautiful teeth while there are those who can only hope that they’d wake up one day with celebrity smiles. Well, they don’t have to wish and hope for that to happen because an appointment with a Cosmetic Dentist in Pompano Beach can fix all your dental defects so you will be able to confidently flaunt your smile wherever you go. Two of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures are porcelain veneers and dental bonding. If you’re not sure which treatment to get it helps to know the basics of veneers and dental bonding.

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What Should You Choose: Veneers or Dental Bonding?

Know the Basics

Both porcelain veneers and dental bonding are excellent ways to improve the look of your smile. These two treatments are designed to cover up tooth discoloration, gaps, chips, and cracks. In a dental bonding procedure, your Cosmetic Dentist in Pompano Beach will apply resin on the front surface of your teeth and cure it using a special light. The light is used to harden the resin and to make sure it securely bonds to your teeth. Veneers are made of thin porcelain shells that are customized to bond to your teeth.

Know the Difference

The two treatments are the same in terms of concealing cosmetic issues but they also have their differences. Knowing about their differences will help you decide which cosmetic dental procedure to choose. For more pronounced dental problems, your Cosmetic Dentist in Pompano Beach may recommend veneers. In terms of tooth preparation, your cosmetic dentist will remove a small portion of your enamel to accommodate the veneer. This isn’t the case with dental bonding because no tooth preparation is needed. The materials also differ. Dental bonding uses composite resin while veneers are made of porcelain. As for the cost, dental bonding is cheaper compared to veneers but they are not stain resistant, unlike veneers.

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