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Top Warning Signs of Dental Implant Problems

We’re sure you’ve come across articles that tell you how durable and robust dental implants in 33062 are. Without a doubt, dental implant surgery is indeed the most stable and the most secure tooth replacement option in the dental industry. 

In terms of their features and benefits, they are better than dentures and bridges. Unfortunately, even if they boast of a 98% success rate, dental implants can still fail. Even though the risk is low, it’s still wise to be aware of possible problems so you can seek professional help. 

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What are the Signs of Dental Implant Failure? 

Persistent Pain and Discomfort  

Since dental implant placement involves surgery, pain and discomfort after the procedure are expected. However, the pain should subside after a few days. If the pain continues to worsen even after five days, and you’re having trouble moving your mouth, you should let your oral surgeon know about it ASAP. 

Difficulty Biting and Chewing 

One of the benefits of dental implants is they share the same strength as natural teeth. So it’s safe to say your biting force will be restored up to 100%. You know something is wrong if you can’t bite down on your food. 

Another thing to observe is if you feel pain when chewing or biting. If the pain is similar to the pain of a cavity, let your dentist know. 

Gum Inflammation 

Like pain, minor swelling is normal post-surgery, but the swelling should typically only last up to five days at most. If it goes beyond five days, your gums turn red, and the swelling worsens, you should contact the dentist. 

Gum inflammation is a sign of infection. Without treatment, the infection can spread throughout the rest of your body. 

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