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Top Orthodontic Treatment Options

Orthodontists in 33062 can provide you with different options to help you manage your teeth. The type of treatment you’ll receive will vary depending on the quality, condition, and severity of your teeth. This process often involves assessing your teeth, which includes X-rays, making models, and taking photographs.  

While your dentists might recommend one or more treatment alternatives, it’s still up to you to choose which procedure you prefer. To help you understand these services, here are the top orthodontic treatment options that most orthodontists recommend. 

Orthodontist in 33062 applies metal braces on patient

Most Recommended Orthodontic Devices


One of the most popular orthodontic devices to treat crooked and misaligned teeth is still thriving today. This device is often used because it delivers the best results of any other orthodontic device. If you’re suffering from crooked and misaligned teeth, braces can help bring back your smile in just a few months. 


There are two types of retainers that you can choose from: fixed retainers and removable retainers. These orthodontic devices allow the newly formed bone to harden around the teeth. Patients who have undergone active orthodontic treatment are usually required to wear this device for as long as six months.  

Clear Aligners

If you’re not a fan of braces, then clear aligners might be what you’re looking for. These popular orthodontic devices are often recommended to patients who can’t be fitted with braces due to underlying circumstances. These aligners can correct misaligned and crooked teeth just like braces; the only difference is that the patient can remove a clear aligner at any time.   

Orthodontist in 33062 giving clear aligners to patient

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