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Top 2 Reasons Why You Must See Your Dentist

You check your planner, and you’re five days away from seeing your dentist in Pompano Beach. What do you do? What most Americans would do is check their teeth and gums in the mirror, and once they see that their smile is still the same and they are not in pain, they crash out that to-do list and think about rescheduling it for another year. 

Why bother to see the dentist when you’re perfectly fine, right? Wrong. The American Dental Association urges everyone to visit the dentist for many reasons, and the top two are the following: 

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Top 2 Reasons Why Dental Visits are A Must 

Oral Cancer Detection 

Reports from the American Cancer Society show that by 2021, around 54,000 cases of oral cancer were detected, while 10,850 patients died of it. So, one of the top reasons why you should see your dentist even if you feel fine is to have your mouth screened for oral cancer. 

Dentists are trained to identify signs of cancer in your mouth. During your visit, a thorough physical exam is done. The earlier cancer is detected, the easier it is to treat. 

Teeth Preservation 

You may be smiling with a complete set of teeth now, but who knows what next week or next month will bring? Dentists encourage you to visit them so they can thoroughly clean your teeth before the plaque turns into tartar. 

When plaque isn’t removed, it will cause cavities and gum disease, which can result in tooth loss.   

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