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Tips to Help You Get Used to Wearing Your Braces

If you’ve just got your braces in Pompano Beach for the first time, you might feel uncomfortable since your mouth isn’t used to the new device. The first few weeks of wearing braces are always challenging since you’re still adjusting. Luckily, there are things you can do to help decrease the discomfort that braces often provide.  

Here are some tips that you can follow to help you get used to your braces faster.  

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How to Adjust to Life with Braces

Be Careful What You Eat With Braces

The first thing that you’ll need to get used to is eating with your braces. Having braces means that there are certain foods that you need to avoid if you don’t want any complications to arise.  

To help you eat better, you’ll need to start eating soft foods like pasta, soup, and leafy greens. You’ll also need to avoid hard and sticky foods such as nuts, gums, and candies to help maintain the integrity of your braces. Eating soft foods and avoiding hard foods will also help reduce the formation of sores in your mouth.  

Use Mouthwash and Floss

Using mouth wash and flossing after every meal will help reduce plaque formation on the hard-to-reach areas of your braces. It also helps remove food particles that could cause cavities or tooth decay.  

Apply Orthodontic Wax

For the first few weeks of wearing your braces, you might experience increased mouth sores. While this is an everyday occurrence, especially for those new to braces, you shouldn’t have to suffer the pain of having mouth sores. You must use a dentist prescribed orthodontic wax to help relieve the pain.  

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Where to Find Quality Braces in Pompano Beach

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