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Process of Installing Dental Implants

If you’re planning on getting dental implants in Pompano Beach and have no idea how they’re placed, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Although this dental procedure could take weeks and months to finish, you’ll be informed by your dentist ahead of time about what procedures you’ll need to go through. To help you understand these procedures, here’s how your dentist will install your dental implants.

Illustration of Dental Implants in Pompano Beach

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Preparation for Dental Implants

A well-thought-out treatment plan is an essential part of any dental procedure. For dental implants, the preparation starts with assessing the condition of your teeth. This includes checking for cavities, cracks, and damage to your teeth that need to be removed and replaced.

Preparation also involves checking the patient’s medical history to determine whether they’re qualified for the procedure or if any potential dangersd and complications could arise. The dentist will also prepare a recovery plan based on the patient’s medical history and dental exam.

Surgical Procedures for Dental Implants

After your complete dental exam, your dentist will schedule your operation once you’re ready. The procedure involves installing titanium screws into your gums and through your jawbone to serve as your artificial tooth’s roots.

Recovery After Dental Implants

Once the surgery is completed, you’ll be requested to wait for several months after the implants have been placed for the bone to develop around the implant. Recovery is an integral part of installing dental implants since much can still happen after your surgery. After you fully heal from the procedure, your dentist will place your permanent crowns.

Dental Clinic Where Dental Implants in Pompano Beach Will be Installed

Do You Have Any Concerns About Dental Implants in Pompano Beach?

If you’re planning on getting dental implants, you must have a reliable team of oral health experts to make sure your visit is pleasant and relaxing as possible. Here at Park Plaza Dental, we can provide you with safe and simple dental procedures to restore your smile. To learn more about our services, give us a call today!

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