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Potential Risks of Orthodontic Treatment 

If you want to start down the path to a straighter smile, you’ll need to know what you’re getting yourself into. While orthodontic devices such as braces are unlikely to harm your teeth, wearing them incorrectly can cause issues to your oral health. Orthodontists in 33062 often advise patients to learn the potential risks of getting these devices before they make their final decision.   

If you’re interested in getting orthodontic treatment, here are some facts about this procedure that might help you decide. 

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Problems Associated With Orthodontic Treatment

Mouth Sores

Getting mouth sores is a common problem in orthodontic treatments, specifically in getting braces. This problem happens when the wires and other parts of your brace rub against your gums or the surface of your mouth. This problem can be treated with painkillers and a quick visit to your dentist.   

Gum Trauma and Pain

Occasionally, orthodontic procedures require tooth extraction to help straighten the patient’s teeth. This often happens when the patient’s teeth are severely overcrowded and can’t be remedied unless a few teeth are removed. Tooth extraction leaves gum trauma where the teeth are extracted; this can be treated with OTC medicine as prescribed by your dentist.  

Gum Irritation and Infections

Gum irritation is a common problem, especially if it’s the first time a patient will get braces. While gum irritation is an average effect of getting braces, gum infections are severe can get serious if the irritation is not treated right away. If your gums get irritated due to wearing your orthodontic device because of your braces, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist.  

Tooth Cracks and Enamel Damage

While orthodontic devices are generally safe, they can crack or damage the enamel of your teeth if done poorly. Misaligned wires, mismatched impressions, and improper installation could all lead to these problems. Remember to go to a professional orthodontist for your treatment and never attempt to do it yourself.  

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