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Levels of Sedation You Should Know About

Dental health experts advise visiting the dentist at least twice a year to maintain a healthy and attractive smile. However, some patients can’t fulfill their dental visits because of fear and anxiety when sitting in the dentist’s chair. Fortunately, sedation dentistry in Pompano Beach can help you overcome any dental operation without stress or discomfort by calming your fears and reducing your anxieties.   Patient with Sedation Dentistry during dental procedure Pompano Beach

What Are the Various Sedation Levels?

Mild Sedation

In this level of sedation, patients are given a small amount of sedative to help calm their nerves. In most cases, the dentist will use nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help lessen the anxiety. While the dentist works on the patient’s teeth, minimal sedation makes them feel at ease and comfortable without going unconscious.   

Medium or Moderate Sedation

Patients undergoing lengthy and more complicated operations need medium or moderate sedation to help them relax. The patient will be in a deep state of relaxation but awake throughout the session because this degree of sedation typically requires IV medication. The effects of moderate sedation can take many hours to completely wear off, so patients are advised to have someone drive them to and from their appointment.  

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation will benefit those experiencing mild to severe dental anxieties and fear. Deeply sedated patients frequently alternate between unconsciousness and consciousness while receiving therapy. They typically won’t remember the surgery and won’t be able to reply to verbal commands or questioning.   

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