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How to Start Eating With Dentures

There’s nothing better than getting brand-new dentures in Pompano Beach to help you eat and speak better. Although it can take a week or longer to become used to eating with your false teeth, we have some tips to help you get through it more quickly. Here’s how to prepare for eating with your dentures.  

Man eating an apple with Dentures Pompano Beach

Preparing to Eat With Dentures   

Start Eating Soft Foods

For the first few days, you should avoid exerting too much strain on your jaw muscles and gums. Start with liquids and soft foods that don’t require much chewing to prevent gum inflammation and infection. Avoid keeping fluids in your mouth for long periods since they can cause your dentures to loosen, especially soda or sweetened drinks.  

Foods that are easy to eat include:  

  • Leafy greens  
  • Banana   
  • Egg dishes   
  • Soups  
  • Oats  

Eat Less Spicy Food

Don’t be surprised if your gums get irritated when you eat spicy food while wearing your dentures. This is because eating extremely spicy food causes your gums to become irritated and swollen. Wearing dentures early on can soften the tissues of your gums, leaving them vulnerable to irritation.  

Check the Food’s Temperature

Dentures have an insulating effect, making it difficult to determine how hot or cold your food is. When eating hot foods, it’s critical to be mindful before eating to reduce the risks of burning your tongue. You can avoid burning your mouth by carefully testing the food’s heat on your lips before placing it in your mouth or by looking at indicators like heat and steam.  

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