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How To Prevent Dental Implant Failure

Dental implants in Pompano Beach boast an impressive success rate of 95%. This means that people who go through surgery have a very high chance of success. Being the most sought-after tooth replacement option in the dental industry, millions of Americans would choose dental implant surgery on the spot despite the risks. But like all other treatments, dental implant failure is still a possibility.

Your oral surgeon’s errors do not always cause dental implant failure; examples include poor oral hygiene and if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Is dental implant failure preventable? The answer is yes! Let’s find out how you can stop dental implants from failing.

Where can I get Dental Implants Pompano Beach?

How Can You Prevent Dental Implant Failure?

Choose A Skilled and Experienced Oral Surgeon

The application of dental implants may seem simple, but it requires technique, knowledge, and skills. When the implants are placed improperly, it can lead to disastrous outcomes. Do you know that the bridge or crown’s design is an important factor that will determine the failure and success of dental implants?

The bridge or the crown must be easy to clean so that food will not get stuck and instigate an infection. Another thing to consider is the position of the dental implant. If it is implanted too shallow or too deep, it can cause dental implant failure. Therefore, you must choose a competent oral surgeon to do it.

Do What You Are Told

Before and after the surgery, your cosmetic dentist will educate you on what to do and what not to do to keep your dental implants safe. One important factor that will determine the success of dental implants is good overall health.

People who have diabetes, severe osteoporosis, and hyperparathyroidism are prone to dental implant failure because of bone resorption. Lifestyle habits such as chewing and smoking tobacco may also lead to dental implant failure. It’s also important to maintain proper oral hygiene to keep your gums healthy, as they help anchor your implants into place.

Where can I get Dental Implants Pompano Beach?

Do You Need Dental Implants in Pompano Beach?

If you want to have your teeth replaced with dental implants, make sure you find a reputable cosmetic dentist to ensure dental implant success. At Park Plaza Dental, we offer superior quality dental services to all our clients. Our team is trained and skilled to take on any dental case, whether simple or complex. Our years of experience in the industry is proof that we can make your dream smile a reality.

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