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How to Manage Pain From Wearing Braces 

Braces in Pompano Beach are an excellent dental tool for straightening crooked and misaligned teeth. Despite its advantages, this orthodontic treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable and painful. If you’re experiencing these problems, here are some tips to ease any pain you may be experiencing as a result of wearing braces 

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How to Get Rid of Brace Pain

Applying Cold Compress

Using a cold compress can help you manage pain while wearing braces. An ice pack or cold compress helps numb the affected area and reduce swelling.  

OTC Medicine

Taking over-the-counter painkillers is one of the most effective ways to deal with pain from wearing braces. If your orthodontist has tightened your wires, your braces will exert pressure on your teeth to move them to their correct positions. This could cause pain for a few days to a week before the discomfort goes away.    

While over-the-counter medicines are a fantastic way to manage discomfort, you shouldn’t rely solely on them. When the pain becomes intolerable, or you’re left with no other choice, you can visit your orthodontist for more pain-relieving recommendations. If you’re still experiencing pain after a few weeks have gone since the adjustment, let your orthodontist know so they may look into your situation further.  

Use an Anesthetic

Applying an oral anesthetic to your teeth and gums can provide pain relief if you experience discomfort around your brace. Apply the solution to the sore spots using a cotton swab or finger. An oral anesthetic will calm your sensitive gums and teeth, preventing pain when your teeth move.  

   Braces Pompano Beach 

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