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How to Know When to Get Dentures

One of the oldest methods of replacing missing teeth is with dentures. They have been used for many years and can replace all teeth simultaneously with a few teeth. While getting dentures in Pompano Beach is easy and affordable, you’ll still need to know when to get them. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing dentures and when to get them.   

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Instances Where You Can Get Dentures

When You Can’t Get Dental Bridges

If you have one or up to a few teeth that are missing, dental bridges can help replace those missing teeth. However, if you’re missing more than a few teeth, dentures are the recommended dental device to help restore your oral health.  

If You Can’t Chew Your Food Properly

Nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption frequently begin in the mouth. If you can’t chew your food properly because of poor oral health or missing teeth, you’ll need dentures to fix them. People with missing teeth may require dentures to help their bodies get the nutrients they require to stay healthy.  

When Your Face Has “Sunken In” a Little

Losing teeth leaves extra room behind your lips and cheeks. Your facial structure will change as the bone in which your teeth were originally anchored begins to resorb (shrink). These circumstances can cause your cheeks, mouth, and entire facial profile to look sallow or prematurely aged. You can add support underneath your soft tissues to make you appear fuller by replacing your teeth with something like a denture.  

 When Your Smile Makes You Self-Conscious or Embarrassed

Your personal and professional life may suffer if you feel self-conscious about how you smile. Advanced dental disease can make it difficult for you to laugh loudly in public, smile for pictures, or even feel confident when addressing a crowd. If you are eligible for dentures, you can have a big say in how your new smile will look.  

You Are Not Eligible or Do Not Want Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants have a lot to offer, but only some are eligible for or want them. The next-best option is dentures, a tried-and-true method of replacing missing teeth. 

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Are You Interested in Getting Dentures in Pompano Beach?

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