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How Long Am I Required To Wear Braces?

Do you know the most common question patients ask their orthodontist in 33062 whenever they are scheduled to have braces? Apart from asking about pain, patients want to know the length of the treatment. The usual question is, “how long am I supposed to wear braces?”

Even if you read blogs about braces and testimonials from people who have had orthodontic treatment, your case will always be unique. Everyone’s treatment time is different. You can’t compare yours to your cousin’s or sister’s duration of treatment. The basis for this time frame will depend on the kind of service you need, the technique used, the severity of your dental problem, and the goals you want to meet. The following are factors that will affect treatment time.

Who is the best Orthodontist 33062?

How Long Are You Going To Be Wearing Braces?

Dependent On Your Goals

When you choose a qualified and skilled orthodontist, you’ll be able to achieve a proper bite and teeth alignment even before your braces are removed. This is important because there are non-specialists who remove braces the moment your teeth are lined up and they call it “short term orthodontics.” It’s tempting but it’s not the proper way.

This is why discussions with your orthodontist are crucial so that the two of you can discuss in more detail the goals of the treatment. The only time your braces are removed is when you and your orthodontist have met your goals.

Depended On Your Case

On average, simple treatments are completed in less than a year (assuming that all your permanent teeth have erupted and you don’t have bite problems). However, the majority of orthodontic issues usually require around 18 months of treatment, like in the case of crowding and mild to moderate bite problems.

The treatment time may take between a year to 18 months, or sometimes longer. Patients who have moderate to severe teeth crowding should expect treatment to last for 2 years. Complicated problems can extend beyond 3 years.

Who is the best Orthodontist 33062?

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