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How Is Root Canal Therapy Performed?

Did your dentist inform you that you need a root canal in Pompano Beach? If yes, don’t back out because a root canal treatment is necessary to save your tooth. Remember, dentists prefer to save a tooth rather than extract it. Root canal therapy is the ideal treatment for a severely decayed tooth that’s still capable of saving. A root canal or endodontic treatment usually requires at least 1 to 2 visits. Let’s find out how this procedure is done.

Where can I get a Root Canal Pompano Beach? 

What Are The Steps In Root Canal Treatment?

Examine and Prepare The Tooth

Your endodontist will thoroughly examine the decayed tooth before the start of a root canal in Pompano Beach. Local anesthesia will be applied to the affected tooth to numb it. A dental dam will be placed over the site to isolate the tooth and to keep it dry. This is important so that saliva will not get to it.

Then a small opening will be made in the dental crown. The opening will allow your dentist to use tools to access and clean the infected pulp and to shape the pulp chamber for filing.

Cleaning and Filling

Once the decayed pulp has been removed and the pulp chamber has been shaped and cleaned, your endodontist will then fill the empty canals with a rubber-like material, also known as gutta-percha. Don’t worry. The material is biocompatible! An adhesive cement will seal the canals. Sometimes, a temporary filling may be placed to seal the opening. The last step in the root canal is a dental crown placed over the affected tooth to restore its strength and appearance.

Where can I get a Root Canal Pompano Beach?

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