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How Do Dental Fillings Work?

Despite advancements in oral hygiene and care, many children and adults in America still suffer from tooth decay, damaged teeth, and other tooth-related issues. If these issues are not properly and swiftly treated, they can lead to more serious oral health problems, such as abscessed and failing teeth. To check for signs of tooth decay and other dental health problems, it is important to visit your dentist in 33062 periodically.

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The Significance of Dental Fillings

What Do They Do?

Dental fillings treat cavities brought on by acidity in the mouth. Dental cement is used to patch holes and other teeth irregularities. They can also be trusted to repair teeth harmed by neglect or abuse, such as eating cracker nuts, bruxism, or tooth or nail biting. Ultimately, your dentist will decide which filling is best for the issue or condition of your teeth.

Your dentist may also advise installing dental crowns, bridges, or veneers if fillings are insufficient to keep your tooth intact.

How Is It Done?

Your dentist will first need to determine the extent of the decay, the location (molars versus incisors and canines), the type and cost of the filling material that works best for you, the scope of your insurance coverage, and the type of issue that needs to be fixed to determine the filling that is best for you. After determining all of these, your dentist will proceed with the treatment.

Limitations of Dental Fillings

Remember that fillings cannot repair a cavity that severely damages a tooth’s dentin or enamel. Before inserting dental fillings, your dentist will remove the damaged tooth tissue to treat cavities. If the decay is not eliminated, the filling may struggle to adhere to the tooth’s surface. Further, erosion may weaken the dentin or enamel, allowing the filling to disappear.

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