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How Dangerous are DIY Braces?

Are DIY braces in Pompano Beach dangerous? If you’ve watched online videos of people claiming that it worked for them and that they saved tons of money, don’t believe them as it can be very risky. 

The safest way to correct teeth misalignment is to let your orthodontist assess your teeth and recommend what type of treatment you need. 

Orthodontics may look simple, but it’s a complex process that requires the expertise of dental specialists.        

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Are DIY Braces Safe?  

What Are DIY Braces? 

Have you heard of DIY braces before? They are dangerously popular. When the news broke online, the internet went crazy. Who wouldn’t get fascinated by the thought of fixing their teeth? 

You don’t have to meet with an orthodontist, and you get to save tons of cash since you won’t pay for the device, right? Wrong. 

DIY braces were invented by people who thought household objects could magically shift their teeth into proper alignment. The discovery seemed enticing, but little did they know, using earrings, rubber bands, and paper clips can cause permanent damage to their oral health. 

What Are the Consequences of DIY Braces? 

If you think you’re saving money on DIY braces, you thought wrong. People who attempted to fix their teeth through DIY braces suffered from jaw and gum damage, painful bone damage, and irreparable teeth damage. 

They also experienced tooth sensitivity and discovered new tooth gaps. In addition, the money they spent repairing the damage was more than the cost of both metal braces and clear aligners combined. 

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Are DIY Braces in Pompano Beach Worth A Try? 

Don’t even think about giving DIY braces a try. It’s one of the worst decisions you can make for your oral health. If you need help with teeth misalignment, only trust the experts. 

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