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Foods to Avoid if You Have Periodontitis 

An infected condition called Periodontitis gradually ruins the tissues that support teeth. To keep your teeth healthy, you need to do more than brush them. Diet, oral care, and visits to your periodontist in Pompano Beach have a significant role in preventing dental problems like Periodontitis. Here are some items to eat and steer clear of if you have periodontitis 

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How to Manage Your Periodontitis

What Foods Should You Avoid to Stop Periodontitis From Forming?

Fatty meals must be avoided if you want to prevent periodontitis from developing. Too much fat and sugar in your diet encourage the growth of pro-inflammatory microorganisms. Additionally, it promotes the development of periodontal disorders. As a result, you should limit your intake of fatty foods like cheese, butter, fresh cream, and meats.

Additionally, dairy items, fried foods, and sauced dishes should be kept to a minimum. Avoid processed carbs like white flour and white sugar to prevent gum damage. Acidic meals can damage the enamel on your teeth. Citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruits, and tomatoes are among them. Alcohol and tobacco use are also significant periodontitis and teeth staining risk factors. The chance of contracting the condition increases with the amount of these chemicals you eat.  

What Diet Should I Follow?

Keep your oral health in top condition if you have periodontitis. In addition to brushing your teeth, you must pay attention to your nutrition. Choose meals that are highly high in beta-carotene and antioxidants. Endives, spinach, or fruits and vegetables like mango, papaya, carrot, and sweet potato contain them. Vitamins E and A, which are present in dried fruits, must be consumed by you.

Almonds, hazelnuts, apricots, and walnuts are a few examples. In addition to promoting blood flow, vitamin C is quite effective at treating gum disease. Fruits, including melon, grapefruit, tangerine, and peach, contain it. Consuming veggies like eggplant, turnips, bell peppers, and lamb’s lettuce will also provide these vitamins.   

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