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Factors That Can Cause Bleeding From Implants

While dental implants in Pompano Beach are relatively safe, there are some instances where they can fail. Although it rarely happens, some external factors can trigger this problem. If you want to know what these instances are, here are some conditions that could cause your implants to bleed.  

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Oral Health Problems That Can Affect Dental Implants   


Peri-implantitis symptoms include swelling, bleeding, and pus-producing bacteria in the vicinity of the implant. The surrounding bone and soft tissue are likewise weakened and gradually regress as the bones and soft tissues close to the dental implant do. A few causes of this oral health disease include smoking, poor dental health, and diabetes.   

Periodontal Disease 

The reason why your implants are bleeding may be caused by periodontal disease. Periodontal disease often happens when a severe gum infection weakens your implant’s soft tissues and supporting bones. Fortunately, periodontal disease is treatable and can be prevented with medication and excellent dental hygiene.   


You may have gingivitis if you notice small blood spots on your gums, especially around your implants. Additional signs of gingivitis include bad breath, receding gums, and easily bleeding gums when brushing or flossing. By brushing your teeth properly, you can prevent this oral health problem.  


You have mucositis if you experience bleeding, swelling, or redness close to the dental implant days or weeks after your treatment. While chemotherapy patients are usually affected by this type of oral health problem, it can also occur in those with poor dental hygiene or when there is too much dental cement left over after a crown has been placed. Mucositis can be relieved by removing excess dental adhesive and brushing and flossing your teeth correctly daily.  

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