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Dental Implant Placement: What to Expect

We understand the dilemma you’re in when you’re asked to decide what type of tooth replacement procedure you want. It’s a big decision that requires research. If you’ve done your research, we’re sure you’ve discovered that dental implants in 33062 are the best solution to complete your smile. How much do you know about the process? Let’s find out! 

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Dental Implant Placement Process


Before you’re scheduled for surgery, you must first undergo a consultation with your cosmetic dentist to see if your mouth qualifies for dental implant placement. The factors they’ll consider are the position of your upper sinus, the health of your gum tissues, and the density of your jawbone. 

Some patients are required to get pre-treatments so they can be eligible for the procedure. The screening process is vital to ensure the success of the surgery. If you qualify, you will be scheduled for treatment. 

Implant Placement

The procedure is simple and straightforward, with a very high success rate. It involves numbing the site to allow your oral surgeon to incise your gums and drill into your jawbone while providing you with comfort.  

Once this is complete, the titanium implants are placed in the holes, and the gum tissues are stitched back to allow the implants to fuse with your bone tissues (osseointegration).

After completing osseointegration, abutments are attached, followed by the dental crowns. You may experience swelling and soreness following the placement, but this can be quickly relieved by taking OTC pain killers. 

If the pain escalates or if you develop a fever, let your oral surgeon or cosmetic dentist know ASAP. 

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Do You Have More Questions About Dental Implants in 33062?

Do you want to get screened for dental implant placement to see if you qualify? You’ve come to the right place. 

At Park Plaza Dental, we will conduct a thorough assessment to see if you are eligible. We offer dental implant placement at an affordable price. Our team has the experience and knowledge to perform all types of complex procedures. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

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