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Can Oral Health Disease Cause Bad Breath?

A periodontist in Pompano Beach will often point out that you’ll get bad breath if you don’t take care of your oral health. While ignoring your dental hygiene is one factor that can affect your breath, other possible causes can make your breath smell less than amazing. Gum disease and oral health problems are among the leading causes of bad breath that you’ll need to manage if you want your breath to smell better.

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Bad Breath Caused by Bacteria


Halitosis which is the medical term for what we often refer to as bad breath is primarily caused by bacteria. The sulfuric smell that your mouth generates happens when microorganisms interact with the carbohydrates in the food, it produces a strong odor from the mouth. Breaking down spices and sweet foods can also release an unpleasant odor that may combine with the sulfuric smell and have bad breath.

Inflammation and Tooth Decay

Gum disease can signify gum inflammation and tooth decay that microscopic organisms like bacteria can cause. Plaque, a biofilm made of food residues high in sugar, collects on the teeth or in the space between them and the gums. When this material is not removed from the teeth, it can cause problems for your oral health, including bad breath.

The bacteria in your mouth will attack the enamel of the teeth, causing cavities or holes in the outer layer. These holes enlarge or possibly spread an infection to the neighboring teeth. If this condition is not treated immediately, it can further cause damage to your teeth and cause bad breath.

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