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A Brief Comparison of Braces and Invisalign

If you’re waffling between getting Braces in Pompano Beach and Invisalign we can make decision making easier for you. We understand that orthodontic treatment doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, if you want to get value for your money it’s best if you learn the differences between the two. Should you get metal braces or is Invisalign better? Let’s find out.

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Traditional Metal Braces Versus Invisalign

Metal Braces

Metal braces in Pompano Beach are very common. You’ve probably seen it on people since thousands of Americans are wearing traditional braces. Metal braces consist of a metal wire and brackets. The brackets are glued on the front part of your teeth while a metal wire runs along with it. During your dental checkup, your orthodontist will adjust your braces to move your teeth so that they will reach proper alignment. The average price of metal braces ranges between $2,000 and $5,000.


Invisalign was introduced at a much later time compared to Braces in Pompano Beach. Although braces have been around for centuries and have proven to be effective in correcting crooked and misaligned teeth, Invisalign is slowly gaining ground because of its sleek design. Invisalign is made of removable, clear plastic aligners. They are smooth and they are virtually invisible. They usually cost approximately $5,000. The major advantage of Invisalign over braces is their treatment time since it’s much shorter than braces. However, Invisalign is not for everyone since these aligners can’t correct severe teeth misalignment and jaw problems.

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Should You Get Braces in Pompano Beach or Invisalign?

Talk to your orthodontist and ask your questions regarding braces and Invisalign so you’ll know what treatment is best for you. At Park Plaza Dental we make sure you will feel comfortable and at ease while you’re in our clinic. Our team of dental health professionals is trained and skilled to perform both simple and complex procedures. We have been in the industry for years and our stellar track record will prove that we can cater to all of your dental health needs. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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