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Are You At Risk For Gum Disease?

Years ago, people thought the main culprit of gum disease is aging. Over the years, science and research showed that there are numerous factors predisposing people to gum disease. Some conditions increase your propensity to periodontal disease. Furthermore, if your gums feel sore and swollen, you should see a periodontist in Pompano Beach ASAP.

Being familiar with these risk factors will encourage you to take a proactive approach to keep gum disease at bay. Periodontal disease or gum disease is an infection that occurs in your gum tissues and jaw bone. It’s usually caused by the accumulation of plaque and bacteria irritating the gums and instigating bleeding and gum inflammation.

Who is the best Periodontist Pompano Beach?

What Are The Risk Factors of Gum Disease?

Obesity and Poor Nutrition

Do you know poor nutrition and obesity will weaken your immune system? Once your immune system is compromised, your body will not be able to fight against infection. Keep in mind that periodontal disease is a form of infection. So, if you continue having a poor nutritional diet, your gum infection will only become worse. Obesity is also linked to an increased risk of gum disease. To ensure you don’t get to see a periodontist in Pompano Beach, you should re-evaluate your diet plan and squeeze in at least 30 minutes of cardio thrice a week to manage your weight.

Smoking Tobacco

Besides predisposing you to lung cancer, heart disease, and upper respiratory tract infections, are you aware smoking can also cause oral health problems like a periodontal disease? According to studies, chronic smokers are more susceptible to develop gum disease. Therefore, if you want to keep your gums healthy, you should find ways to quit smoking. Your periodontist in Pompano Beach will discuss ways and strategies that will help you overcome your addiction to tobacco.

Who is the best Periodontist Pompano Beach?

Do You Need To See A Periodontist in Pompano Beach?

Do you manifest signs and symptoms of gum disease? If yes, don’t delay. Find a periodontist right away to reverse and treat the problem before it worsens. At Park Plaza Dental, we make sure your oral health is restored and maintained. We offer superior quality dental services to give you the smile of your dreams. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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