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Anatomy of Dental Implants

For a good reason, dental implants in Pompano Beach have a solid reputation for enhancing oral health and aesthetics. Since their introduction in 1965, dental implants have come a long way and have already improved the lives of countless people. However, if you want to appreciate this device fully, you must examine and comprehend each part to know why dental implants significantly impact the field of dentistry.

Due to their size and shape, these implants may seem unsettling and strange, but they have a lot of advantages for those who want to replace one or more missing teeth. You’ll be able to appreciate dental implants more if you know and understand how each component works. To give you a head start, below are the components of dental implants and what they accomplish.

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Components of Dental Implants

The Implant Fixture

The dental implant’s base or foundation is represented by the implant fixture, which is a tiny screw-shaped object. It’s drilled into the jawbone and positioned below the gum line to help secure the other parts. These titanium screws will act as a root, ensuring the false tooth is firmly in place.  

The Abutment

A metal component known as the abutment joins the implant post to the prosthetic. It holds the new tooth and is positioned along the gum line. Different abutments can be fitted, depending on the prosthetic that needs to be supported.  

The permanent implant fixture is typically not placed until the osseointegration process is complete or after the permanent implant fixture has been attached to the jawbone 

The Crown

The final part of a dental implant is the crown or dental prosthetic. This prosthetic tooth is used to replace teeth that are broken or missing. The number of implants the dentist places in your jawbone will depend on the kind of prosthetic you intend to wear. Your dentist will use anywhere from one device to six implant posts, depending on your oral health.  

In the end, you and your dentist will have to choose the kind of implant you need to employ to enhance your general oral health.

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