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5 Things That Can Stain Your Teeth

Do you always make brewed coffee before going to work? When you go out with friends, do you order a can of soda or a glass of wine instead of water? If you answered yes to these then you shouldn’t wonder why your teeth look the way they do. However, thanks to teeth whitening in Pompano Beach, you can restore your confidence back and achieve that brilliantly white smile once again!

On the other hand, the effects of teeth whitening aren’t forever. Look into modifying your diet and dental care hygiene to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.

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What Are Food And Drinks Known To Stain Your Teeth?

Why Do Your Teeth Stain?

Before we jump into the what behind stained teeth, let’s first talk about the why.

Chromogens are chemical compounds present in certain drinks and foods. These compounds have a very strong color and are capable of sticking to your enamel and staining your teeth. Thankfully, professional teeth whitening can help erase stubborn stains in just one visit!

What Are Common Food and Drinks that Cause Tooth Stains?

Just because they stain your teeth doesn’t mean you’ll need to cut them out of your diet forever. Keep in mind that some of the foods and drinks listed here are good for your body–rich in vitamins and minerals. But everything in moderation.

So, you should try to limit your consumption of these tooth-staining food and drinks to save your teeth, but not completely delete them:

  • Coffee and Tea – these drinks contain tannins that are notorious for staining teeth. To help lessen their staining effect, we suggest you add some milk to lighten the color of both drinks.
  • Red wine – a glass of wine every once in a while is okay, but if you drink it more often, your teeth will definitely stain.
  • Soda is not only bad for your health, but it’s bad for your teeth too! The acids and the dark coloring could cause cavities, staining, and premature enamel erosion.
  • Berries – snacking on berries may, unfortunately, cause your teeth to stain.
  • Beetroot – beetroot contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but they are also known to cause stubborn stains. And not just in your teeth, these veggies stain your hands and clothes too!

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Are You Interested in Teeth Whitening in Pompano Beach?

If no amount of brushing can bring back the whiteness of your smile, we can help you! At Park Plaza Dental, we aim to restore your confidence in your smile. We offer a wide range of affordable dental services including professional in-office teeth whitening. We have been in the industry for years and our stellar track record will prove that we can cater to all of your dental health needs. Call to learn more about our services!

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