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Which Dental Implants Should I Choose?

Are you worried about your missing teeth? If you don’t replace your missing teeth right away it will cause your remaining teeth to shift, it will put you at risk of tooth decay and gum disease, it will affect your smile and in effect cause your self-esteem to plummet and it will result to further tooth loss and bone loss. Missing teeth can cripple your physical, mental, and emotional health. Luckily, Clear Choice® Pompano Beach dental implants can help solve this problem. Let’s find out more. 

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Are These Dental Implants the Best Choice? 

They Look Like Natural Teeth

There are plenty of tooth replacement options available today but if you are looking for something that accurately resembles natural teeth you should consider these dental implants. Dental implants become a part of your mouth because the artificial tooth roots are embedded in your jawbone offering permanent stability in anchoring dental crowns. You can choose the shape, size, and color of your dental crowns to make them look natural. 

You Get a Brand New Smile in a Day

People who lose their teeth want to have them replaced ASAP. The good news is that these dental implants will restore your smile on the same day. Even if you lose your teeth in the morning, Clear Choice® dental implants will give you a brand new smile as soon as you leave the clinic. It’s that fast! Why wait for months when you can enjoy a bright and attractive smile in just a couple of hours? 

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Would You Give Clear Choice® Pompano Beach Dental Implants a Try?

Clear Choice® dental implants offer unmatched durability and they look exactly like natural teeth. You won’t regret getting them. At Park Plaza Dental we make sure you will feel comfortable and at ease while you’re in our clinic. Our team of dental health professionals is trained and skilled to perform both simple and complex procedures. We have been in the industry for years and our stellar track record will prove that we can cater to all of your dental health needs. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our services.

Are You Looking for Dental Care in Pompano Beach?

If you have any questions about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to call Park Plaza Dental. Our team is here to make your next appointment a comfortable and productive one.