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What to Expect After Having Your Teeth Whitened 

Do you feel a pang of envy whenever you watch movies and see celebrities with their perfectly white teeth?  Well, if you do your research and Google before and after images you’ll find that most if not all celebrities had ugly teeth before they became famous. If you’re insecure about your yellow-stained teeth all you need is teeth whitening in Pompano Beach.  

A trip to your most trusted cosmetic dentist is all it takes to achieve that coveted Hollywood smile.  

What Happens After Teeth Whitening Treatment? 

 What to Expect?

Teeth Whitening Pompano Beach


After having your teeth whitened, your cosmetic dentist will inform you that there is a possibility you’ll experience tooth sensitivity for one to two days after the treatment. This sensitivity is due to hydrogen peroxide, which is the active ingredient responsible for brightening your smile.  

You can prevent the feeling of discomfort by avoiding hot and cold food and drinks. Some patients also find relief by taking over-the-counter painkillers.  

Furthermore, you may notice a slight discoloration in your gums after the treatment. No need to worry because this is only temporary. After forty-eight hours your gums will go back to normal.  

Is It Safe? 

Technically, teeth whitening is safe as long as it is performed by a board-certified dental health professional. We discourage you from attempting to whiten your teeth at home using natural methods or through OTC teeth whitening kits to avoid injuries and exposing your teeth to too much bleach.  

Overbleaching can cause your enamel to become eroded leaving your dentin vulnerable and exposed. This can also result in permanent tooth discoloration since your dentin, which is the layer underneath the enamel, has a dark color.  

Teeth Whitening Pompano Beach

Is Teeth Whitening in Pompano Beach Right For You? 

If your teeth are stained because you smoke or because of the food and drinks you consume, teeth whitening is a great method to brighten up your smile.  

At Park Plaza Dental, we offer a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures that will help bring your confidence back in your smile. Our trained and skilled dental team is ready to take on any dental issues you may have. Give us a call to learn more about our services. 

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