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What is a Dental Scaler For?

Do you ever wonder what your prosthodontist in Pompano Beach uses to clean your mouth? It’s called a dental scaler and no, you can’t use it at home. Prosthodontists use a scaler to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth.  

Plaque is a sticky biofilm that coats your teeth. It forms when the sugar or starch from your food mixes with acids and bacteria in your mouth. When you’re not brushing and flossing your teeth as often as you should, plaque will develop and harden into stubborn tartar.   

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Why Do Prosthodontists Use A Dental Scaler?

What Is A Dental Scaler?

A dental scaler is a sharp handheld tool with a curved blade tip. The purpose of a dental scaler is to scrape plaque and tartar off your teeth. This can only be used by a trained dentist, dental hygienist, or prosthodontist after completing extensive training in scale correction.  

Before using a dental scaler, your prosthodontist must check that it’s updated and safe to use. Expect to see one during your dental cleaning appointment. It’s an effective tool that helps break down tartar and plaque without causing damage to your teeth.   

 What Happens If Plaque and Tartar Aren’t Removed?

Why is it necessary to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth?  

The reason why your dentist keeps reminding you to brush and floss your teeth, and to have your teeth professionally cleaned at least twice a year, is to prevent the build-up of plaque and to stop it from turning into tartar. When plaque is allowed to fester, it can cause tooth decay, tooth abscess’, periodontitis, periodontal disease, and oral infection.  

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Do You Need To See A Prosthodontist in Pompano Beach?

Plaque is the number one enemy. If you care for your teeth and gums you should regularly clean them.  

At Park Plaza Dental, we will help maintain your oral health with our wide range of dental treatments. We strive to give you the best experience. Our trained staff is well-versed in using dental instruments including a dental scaler. Give us a call to learn more about our services. 

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